Stainless Steel Wire Mesh,  Teflon & Engineering Plastic: Superlene, Teflon, PE,POM, Cast Nylon, Bakelite, Perforated Stainless Steel Sheet, Pressure Gauge, PRESSURE SWITCH, Low Pressure Gauge (m.m. Water),Vacuum Gauge, Gasket,  Perforated  Stainless Steel Sheet,Boiler Accessory: Safety Valve, Sight glass, Glass Tube, Thermometer,ect.
Level Indicator
For measuring hot water, oil, chemicals, solvents
Stainless steel Wire Mesh
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For screening or filtering water, oil, food , drug, and other chemicals. Mesh sizes are available from 1 to 400 mesh.Width :0.9, 1.0, 1.2 metre are available.
Nylon 6, Cast Nylon, POM , PVC, PE,  PP
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Superlene or Nylon 6 including Cast Nylon group has excellent property of anti fricetion. It is suitable for making gear, bush, and sliding pad for protection of metal: steel or stainless steel.
สอบถามรายละเอียด ราคา โทร 02 812-9580
Bakelite or phenotalic resin is good for many applications such as electrical insulation, gear, bush and heat insulation.Rods are available from 10 to 200 mm. at 1000 mm.length. Sheets are ava
Pressure gauge or Vacuum gauge
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For measuring presssure of compressed gas , other gages, water , oil, or hydrulic pressure, and other chemicals.Vacuum gauge and compound gauge are also available.
Thermometer gauge
สนใจราคาติดต่อ 02 812-9580
For measuringwater, steam, oil , gas, furnace.
Steam and Boiler Equipment
Safety valve, Ball valve, Globe valve, Steam trap, Solenoid valve, Temperature controller, Pressure switch, Brush for tube cleaning , etc.
Insulation for Boiler , Furnace, and Steam Pipe
Perforated sheet
For screening or seperation agricaltural products such as rice, corn and other commodity:sand, cement, chemicals.
Temperature Gauge with wire
Temperature with 3 metre wire is suitable for those furnace, oven , boiler, or machine which are too risk for operator to read. It is very safe to stay far away from dangerous equipmentor ma
Isolation Valve for Glass Tube
Glass tube Tube Isolation valveValve for glass tubeLevel checkLevel glass tubeGlass tube valve

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